District Land Board

Kagadi total area of land approximately 1,574 sq. km while more than 150 sq. is covered by water bodies.  30% of this Land is covered by forest reserves; the land is there for unequally distributed.  The   biggest chunk of land in the District is owned by absent Buganda Landlords owing to the colonial historical background.  This partly causes Land Disputes.    There f our different forms of land tenure system in the District like it is in the country Customary, free hold, Lease hold and Mailo land.

Article 169 of the Constitution of Uganda (1995), the land Act (1998) as amended recognizes the multiple land tenure systems. A greater part of the land in the District is held on customary rights and is usually subject to restrictions such as transfer outside the family and clan. The successions follow the native rules and certain family, clan or communal rights that have to be respected.

Land in the District is vested in the District land board, whose major function is to ensure effective management, Distribution, Physical planning, Survey and conflict resolution over land and, at sub county level, we have the sub county area land committees which back up their roles.