Administrative Structure

Administratively, the district is managed by a technical wing and a political wing. The technical wing is headed by the CAO and his deputy. Under the CAO are 12 heads of departments, sub-county chiefs and town clerks. They are followed by department sub unit heads. The departments in the district administration, production, finance, production, trade and commerce, engineering, Natural resources and water, Planning, Health, Education, Community Based services, statutory department.

These are headed by the heads of departments. However, they are currently staffed at 68%. In the same manner, the district political wing is headed by the chairperson LC5 and a functional district council of 64 councilors. These are a representation of gender equality for both women and men elderly and youth since they have representation in the council with women having a woman councilors per Sub County and town council respectively as well as the representatives for the youth and the elderly; all democratically elected by the citizens of the district.

The District Council is led by the district speaker assisted by the secretaries of different committees who present different aspects arising from the communities and national resolutions.

There are 36 lower local governments LLGs with 150 Parishes and 900 villages. The sub-counties are also served by sub county councils. This may be because the district is still new, and due to the failure to attract the requisite skills to work in the district. All recruitments are managed by the District Service Commission. The Political wing of the district is headed by the chairperson Local Council five and his executive.

Summary Of Administrative Units In Kagadi District

Buyaga EastIsunga421
 Kagadi TC641
 Kyenzige TC526
 Mabaale TC645
 Pachwa TC523
Sub –total 70415
Buyaga WestBuhumuliro526
 Kyaterekera TC426
 Mpeefu Ya Sande Town Council535
 Muhorro Town Council643
 Rugashari TC531
 Ruteete TC525
Sub –total 80485
Grand total 150900