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TOURISM This is the activity of people traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes for not more than one consecutive year.


Domestic tourism; this is where people take holidays in their own country for example from Kampala to Kagadi, Incoming/ inbound tourism: this is where tourists enter a country from another country which is not their home. For example a family from Rwanda to Uganda and out bond tourism: Here people travel away from their country they normally live. Say from Uganda to Kenya.


Cultural tourism: Here tourists travel for cultural interests say on how people put on and live, Eco-tourism: Here tourists travel with much interest on the environment. For example forests and wetlands, Adventurous tourism: Here tourists seek for new experience and this include taking risks while hiking mountains, Religious tourism: Here tourists travel for worship for example namugongo day, Sports tourism: Here tourists travel for sports for example the Barcelona team

travelled to Uganda for a match, War tourism: Here tourist travel to experience war zone areas. Like southern Sudan, Medical tourism: Here tourists travel for medical reason and to be get better. For example Kitagata water spring water bath, Space tourism: Here tourists will be traveling to space for example Moon travel experience, Ethnic tourism: Tourists travel to trace their original birth places. For example former USA president OBAMA travelled to Kenya to trace and visit his family, Agro-tourism: here tourists travel for agriculture experience for example visiting farms and agriculture shows. (Harvest money expo), International volunteering tourism: here tourists travel for voluntary purposes for example constructing of schools and hospitals around national parks, and Virtual tourism: This is done online were a tourists interested in a given area will only search for the place and enjoy it online.

Tourism today in Uganda is one of the sectors that generate revenue to the country with over    5.6 trillion shillings collected every year from tourism activity payments and this is as a result of different tourism activities that are always carried out in the country.

The country received over 1,505,669 tourists in 2018/2019 and because of its great contribution to the income of Uganda; different stakeholders play a big role to develop tourism sites for a better future of tourism and these include government and its mother ministry of tourism, wildlife and antiquities, business association, local residents, local companies, media, employees, competitors, tourists and tourism developers.

Uganda has got different tourism attractions that attract tourist and these include National parks, game reserves, cultural centres, urban centres, local communities, forests and the most visited sites include; Kibale national park for Chimpanzee trekking, Gorilla trekking in bwindi impenetrable forest, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kazinga channel boat trip, Great rift valleys, Tree climbing lions, Murchison falls national park, Ziwa rhino sanctuary and many more.

In Uganda today there are a million tourism sites that have not yet been put to exposer, hence remaining unknown and this is as a result of lack of technical people to identify and market the sites.

As one way of putting the unexposed tourism sites to light, the government as recruited district tourism officers in order to identify and promote the tourism sites.                

Kagadi district is one of the districts in Uganda that has embarrassed tourism development in its area through establishing of a tourism office that has been able to identify potential tourism sites.

The office has been able to set key objectives that can lead to the development of tourism in the district and these include;

  1. To increase annual tourism revenue to the district.
  2. To increase tourism total employment from 1500 people to 5000.
  3. To increase the level of infrastructural developments in the tourism section.
  4. To enhance conservation and sustainability of wildlife and cultural heritage resources in Kagadi.
  5. To Increase competitiveness of Kagadi district as one of Uganda’s tourist destination.

Tourism Development Programme aims to increase the district’s attractiveness as a preferred tourist destination. Expected results include; increasing tourism arrivals and revenues as well as employment in the tourism sector. It will provide alternative jobs to women and youth.

Kagadi District has potential for tourism activities much as most of the sites are not protected. Regarding world life, the area has a number of chimpanzees in most areas of Muhoro, Muzizi. The wildlife UWA has constantly been monitoring these areas and trying to ensure they are safe from community attacks.

Other potential attraction areas include the three falls along Nguse River (karuna waterfalls, nguse falls and nguse – albert falls) where currently the government is in process of establishing power generating points, Lake Albert and a number of wetlands. Other prominent world-life animals include Baboons, monkeys, chimpanzees and Crocodiles. more potential tourism destinations include katyobona forest ( home of chimpanzees), Kangombe forest, Muhorro tc, Kitebele escarpments,

Recently, the Government of the Republic of Uganda gazzated more tourists sites within Kagadi District. These include;

  1. The Faith of Unity Healing City, the headquarters of the Faith of Unity religion founded by Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka.

This was founded by Dosteo Bisaka, popularly known and called Owobusobozi by his followers and detractors. The effective date for establishing the faith of unity was 22nd February when he reluctantly touched a young woman suffering from severe debilitating feverish conditions associated with malaria and she was instantly healed in 1980.

The national and international center of F.O.U is found in Kapyemi, a hill top village in Muhorro town council Kagadi District. Because of the role of healing in the religion and large crowds of people who throng the venue each week, it is Preferred being called a healing city.

The majestic palace, which is the residential quarters of the leader and his wives, with a sitting capacity of about 1500 worshippers, the Itambiro and the hall of healing is painted white, austerely decorated with floating white and yellow ribbons and flowers.

Rank and social status are important in the F.O.U they help to facilitate order, peace and the efficient performance of duty. They wear a white Kanzu which signifies holiness, beauty, being set apart and purity.

The F.O.U ordered and organized into four different categories

  1. Abakwenda (Messenger of God, elders and enforcers of norms; their Kanzu has two buttons on the chest as distinguishing mark)
  2. Abaheraza (Servants of God; their Kanzu has two knots infornt instead of buttons)
  3. Abakiriza (Those recently incorporated into the group; new converts)
  4. Abandeya ( His Children)

Those outside the group are called Omutali, the unconverted/ unbeliever in Owobusobozi.

Most of the believers and people around the world prefer calling the faith of unity headquarters a   healing city since it contains more than 370 healing centers (Amatambiro)


  1. Learning more about the faith and its founder (OMUKAMA RUHANGA BISAKA)
  2. Miraculous healings that has happened for 42 years were all diseases have been healed.
  3. Gods flag
  4. The palace of God
  5. The prayer/healing place of God ( Itambiro lya Mukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi )
  6. The book of god of oneness, we are one in the lord God of host Disunity has ended
  7. The first person to be healed in 1980
  8. Other healing centers in the healing city
  9. The place where stannic crafts are burnt
  10. The unique ways how believers live, behave, and pray
  11. The structure of the leadership in the faith of unity
  12. Calendar of the new error of Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka
  13. Other developments put in place by Owobusobozi Bisaka like the stadium that can accommodate national functions, the school and vocational teaching the faith of unity faith, sciences and arts.
The beautiful palace of Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka
  1. Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme-URDT

This located 2 kilometers from Kagadi ‘Nakulabye town’ as you head to Hoima, the site is mostly known for the URDT green belt forest which acts as an habitants for wildlife like the sneaks, birds, butterfly’s, primates like baboons, black and white calabash monkeys.

More attractions and activities that can be carried out at the site include; Bee keeping, demonstration farm, fish ponds, poultry farm, dairy farm, green house, coffee plantations and the cultural section

urdt green belt
  1. Kiraba rocks , These are located in Kagadi approximately one (1) kilometer from Kagadi town covering areas of Kiraba upper and Nyaruziba village, Kiraba name its believed to have originated from people who enjoyed to stay in the rocks who later named the rocks “Kiraba” because whenever they could stand at the top of the rocks they could see the entire town of Kagadi. Kiraba contain a number of tourism attraction like beautiful caves, different bird species, reptiles and insects. The site has been Kagadis most visited destination receiving over one thousand (1000) tourists per year for activities like Hiking, photography, scenic viewing, birding, nature walks and camping 

beautful kiraba rocks

  1. Karuna waterfalls, The area is well known for beautiful escarpments, but the most attractive site are the waterfalls. This is located in rugashari sub-county forty five (45) kilometers off Kagadi town, its Kagadis second strongest waterfall with an estimated length of about 150 meters of water pours from the clef. The site has got beautiful features that attract people eyes which include the waterfalls, different bird spices, tree spices, escapements, local communities, Nguse River. The site receives over eighty (80) tourists per year who carry out activities like hiking, nature walks, photographer and videography.  
Beautiful karuna waterfalls