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Tourism Development Programme aims to increase the district’s attractiveness as a preferred tourist destination. Expected results include; increasing tourism arrivals and revenues as well as employment in the tourism sector. It will provide alternative jobs to women and youth.

Kagadi District has potential for tourism activities much as most of the sites are not protected. Regarding world life, the area has a number of chimpanzees in most areas of Muhoro, Muzizi. The wildlife UWA has constantly been monitoring these areas and trying to ensure they are safe from community attacks.

Other potential attraction areas include the falls along Nkusi River where currently the government is in process of establishing power generating points, Lake Albert and a number of wetlands. Other prominent world-life animals include Baboons, monkeys, chimpanzees and Crocodiles. These are potential tourist attraction areas lake Albert, river Muzizi, river Nkusi, Nkusi waterfalls, Nkusi Albert waterfalls, Kangombe forest, Muhorro tc, Kitebele escarpments

Recently, the Government of the Republic of Uganda gazzated more tourists sites within Kagadi District. These include;

  1. The Faith of Unity Healing City, the headquarters of the Faith of Unity religion founded by Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka.
  2. Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme-URDT

Challenges faced by Tourism Department

  • Lack of financial support to upgrade the sites, and protect the areas
  • Remoteness of the area itself
  • Lack of guest facilities like hotels, guest houses etc
  • Limited tourism products and services
  • Limited services such as internet connectivity
  • Poor road net works
  • Limited field equipment’s like cameras for the tourism section.
  • Most of the tourism sites are inactive.Lack of office space.
  • Less airtime on radio programs.
  • Inadequate Transport facilitation funds