Education and Sports


The Education and Sports sector is mandated to provide Quality Education and Sports services in the District , which are constitutional obligations for the Ugandan State and Government. Therefore, the sector visualizes “ a Quality and appropriate Education  and Sports service, for All”

Primary EducatThe district has 136 government-funded Primary schools located in different sub-counties on the district. The current pass rate of the district is 87%. However, 10% of pupils drop out before completion. There has been an improvement in the staffing status for district-level Education staff 91 from 42% at the start of the district in 2016 to 73% by June 2020

The district has fully appointed SMC to all Primary schools, acquired a vehicle double cabin for inspection and monitoring in the financial year 2018/19, Pupil/desk ratio improved from1:5 in the Financial year 2016/17 to 1:4 as of FY 2019/20 (Standard is 1:3 according to Education Guidelines), Pupil textbook ratio from 1:7 at the start of the district in 2016 to 1:4 FY 2019/20 (standard is 1:2 according to Education Guidelines) and Pupil classroom ratio improved from 1:84 during the FY 2016/17 to 1:76 by 2020.

The education department receives funds from UNICEF in form of aid to improve the quality of education. This is also used to support PLE candidates. The department is further supported by EMESCO, SNV, and World Vision to give school with WASH related facilities like water points and Latrines to schools.

Secondary Education

Kagadi district has eight government aided secondary schools and these are in only 8 sub counties. Majority schools have been highly affected by Covid- 19 pandemic since they no longer operate. The district receives SFG grants that have seen two seed schools constricted in the district. TheseKicucuura seed school and Mpeefu Seed School.

Only Kicucuura has been equipped with Science laboratories, Computer labs and all necessary accessories to help students attain quality education.


Bukenya BartholomewD.E.O
Mbabazi BeatriceS.E.O
Alinda JuliusDIS
Gelard TukamuhabwaI.O.S
Tumwebaze MatiaI.O.S
Mugume johnI.O.S
Twinomujuni H.K FredSNE

LIST OF PRIMARY Government aided schools in Kagadi District

S/NoCountySub countyParishName of School
 1Buyaga EastKagadi T/CC entral WardBishop Rwakaikara
 2Buyaga WestMairirwe Bugambaihe p/s
 Buyaga West  Bugarama
 Buyaga EastKicucuuraBugwaraBugwara
 Buyaga EastKiryangaKikondaBuharura
 Buyaga EastRugasharibuhumuliroBuhumuriro
 Buyaga EastKagadi S/CBukungweBukungwe p/s
 Buyaga WestMpeefu Ya SandeMugyenzaBuraza
 Buyaga WestBuroraBuroraBurora
 Buyaga WestMuhorro S/CGalibolekaBusungubwa p/s
 Buyaga WestKyaterekera Buswaka  
 Buyaga westMuhorro T/CButumbaButumba P/S
 Buyaga WestBweranyangiBweranyangiBweranyangi
 Buyaga EastKiryangaIgwanjuraIgwanjura p/s
 BUYAGA EastKiryanjagiKiryanjagiIhuura
 Buyaga EastIsungaIsungaIsunga Islamic
 Buyaga WestNyakarongoNyakarongoJunior Academy Soborwa
 Buyaga eastKabambaKabambaKabamba
 Buyaga westMuhorro S/CNyamacumuKabuga
 Buyaga westNdaiga S/CKabukangaKabukanga
 Buyaga EastKagadi S/CKihayuraKabworo
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKagadi CentralKagadi Model
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKagadi CentralKagadi Muslim
 Buyaga EastIsunga Kahunde
 Buyaga EastPacwaPacwaKahuniro
 Buyaga EastMabaale T/CKitemuziKaitemba
 Buyaga westBwikaraNgomaKamukole (Care taker)
 Buyaga EastNyabutanziKihuraKamurandu p/s
 Buyaga EastMabaale T/CKitemuziKamuyange Parents
 Buyaga westMuhorroNyamacumuKasoga
 Buyaga westMpeefuRwabarangaKasojo p/s
 Buyaga EastKyenzige T/CkasokeroKasokero   p/s
 Buyaga WestNyakarongoNyakarongoKasubi
 Buyaga WestBwikaraNyakarongoKatalemwa
 Buyaga EastKagadi S/CKengaKateete p/s
 Buyaga WestNyakarongoKatikengeyeKatikengeye  p/s
 Buyaga westNyakarongoKatikengeyeKatikengeye C.OU
 Buyaga westMairirweKayanjaKayanja
 Buyaga westMuhorro T/CNyamitiKibanga
 Buyaga EastPacwaIgwanjuraKibooga p/s
 Buyaga EastKicucuuraKicucuuraKicucura p/s
 Buyaga EastKicucuuraKicucuuraKiduuma
 Buyaga EastNyabutanziKimanyaKigoma
 Buyaga EastKyanaisokeKamurozaKihemba
 Buyaga westBuroraKayembeKihumuro  Parents
 Buyaga EastKyanaisokeKahundeKijonjomi
 Buyaga EastNyabutanziKimanyaKimanya Parents
 Buyaga WestRugashariNdebaKinaaba
 Buyaga EastKabambaRusekereKinyaikaru p/s
 Buyaga EastMabaale T/CMukumbwaKiranzi
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKitegwaKiryane
    Kiryanjagi p/s
 Buyaga WestBwikaraNyamasaKisarra
 Buyaga westNyakarongoNyakarongoKisungu
 Buyaga westBwikaraKisuuraKisurra
 Buyaga westNyamasogaSengarahoKitebere
 Buyaga westRuteetekentomiKitegwa
 Buyaga westBwikaraMairirweKitehe
 Buyaga westKicucuuraKitoroKitemba p/s
 Buyaga westBwikaraKisuuraKyabaranzi p/s
 Buyaga EastKyabasaraRwejobeKyabasara
 Buyaga westRugashariRugashariKyabitundu p/s
 Buyaga eastMabaale T/CKaraihyaKyadyoko p/ s
 Buyaga westKyakabadiimaKyakabadiimaKyakabadiima
 BUYAGA EastKagadi T/CKibangaKyakabugahya
 Buyaga eastPacwaIgayazaKyakadehe  p/s
 BUYAGA EastMabaale T/CKaraihyaKyakahuku
 Buyaga EastKyarwakyaKyarwakyaKyarwakya p/s
 Buyaga WestKyaterekeraKyaterekeraKyaterekera Parents
 Buyaga WestKyaterekeraKyaterekeraKyaterekera SDA
 Buyaga eastNyabuhikeKyeicumuKyeicumu
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKirabaKyema P/S
    Kyenzige p/s
 Buyaga EastMabaale T/CKyeyaKyeya
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKyomukamaKyomukama
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKyomukamaKyomukama Parents
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CKyomukamaKyomunembe SDA
 Buyaga WestKyaterekeraLubiriLubiri p/s
 Buyaga WestKyaterekeraBuswakaLyanda SDA
 Buyaga EastMabaale T/CKitemuziMabaale
 Buyaga WestNyakarongoMaberengaMaberenga p/s
 Buyaga EastKagadi T/CMambuguMambugu
 Buyaga westKyakabadiimaKanyabebeMerryland
 Buyaga eastKyenzige T/CMpambaMpamba
 Buyaga westMpeefu Ya SandeMpeefu CentralMpeefu  P/s
 Buyaga EastKyenzige S/CKitemaMugalike Boys
 Buyaga WestMpeefu Ya sandeMugyenzaMugyenza
 Buyaga WestMuhorro T/CNyansekeMuhorro BSC
 Buyaga WestMuhorro T/CKiswekaMuhorro Muslim
 Buyaga westKyaterekeraMuruhaMuruha p/s
 Buyaga EastKinyarugonjoMutunguruMutunguru Parents
 Buyaga WestKyaterekeramuziziMuzizi Parents
 Buyaga WestKyaterekeramuziziMuzizi Tea Estate  p/s
 Buyaga EastKyanaisokeKamurozaNaigaina
 Buyaga EastKyanaisokeKahundeNgara
 Buyaga EastPacwaIgayazaNguse
 Buyaga WestMuhorroNyansekeNyabigata
 Buyaga EastNyabutanziNyabutanziNyabutanzi
 Buyaga eastPacwaNyakasoziNyakabaale
 Buyaga eastkinyarugonjonyakarongoNyakarongo
 Buyaga westRuteeteNyakabingoNyakasozi
 Buyaga westMuhorroButumbaNyambeho
 Buyaga westMuhorroNyamitiNyamiti p/s
 Buyaga westBwikaraNyakarongoNyankarongo Parents
 Buyaga westMuhorroGalibolekaNyankoma
 Buyaga westMuhorroNyamacumuNyankoma COU
 Buyaga westKagadi T/CNyansekeNyanseke  
 Buyaga westKyaterekeraNyantonziNyantonzi p/s
 Buyaga EastKagadi t/cKitegwaNyaruziba p/s
 Buyaga EastPacwaPacwaPaacwa
 Buyaga westMpeefuRubiriziRubirizi p/s
 Buyaga westBwikaraBwikaraRubona
 Buyaga westRugashariRugashariRugashali
 Buyaga westKabambaRusekereRusekere p/s
 Buyaga westMuhorrroMuhorroRuswiga
 Buyaga westKyakabadiimaKamuyangeRutabagwe
 Buyaga westRuteeteRuteeteRuteete
 Buyaga westMuhorroGalibolekaRutooma
 Buyaga EastKabambaRuzaireRuzaire
 Buyaga westRuteeteNyakashemaRwendahi
 Buyaga westKyakabadiimaHamugyiRwentale
 Buyaga eastKagadiKengaSese
 Buyaga westBuroraNyamukaikuruSt. Andrea
 Buyaga westRuteeteKinyarwandSt. Cleophus   Rulembo p/s
 Buyaga eastKyenzigeKyenzigeSt. Jude Kyenzige p/s
 Buyaga westBwikaraBwikaraSt. Kizito Bwikara
 KagadiKengaKengaSt. Martha  Kenga
 Buyaga eastKinyarugonjoKinyarugonjoSt. Monica
 Buyaga westMuhorroNyamigisaSt. Paul Nyamigisa
 Buyaga westBuroraNyamukaraSt. Peters Burora
 Buyaga westKyaterekeraKyaterekeraSt. Peters Kitumba
 Buyaga westMpeefuRubiriziSt. Peters Nyakatojo
 Buyaga westKyaterekeraWangeyoWaihembe
 Buyaga westKyaterekeraWangeyoWangeyo SDA
 Buyaga westKanyabebeKanyabebeYeruzalemu

Government Secondary schools in Kagadi

 Sub county/Town CouncilParish/WardSchool Name
1Kagadi T/CKyengajuKagadi Secondary School
2KyanaisokeNaigana SS
3MabaaleMabaale SS
4Kyenzige S/CUganda Martyrs SS Mugalike
5Muhorro T/CKisweka WardSt. Adolf Tibeyalirwa SS  Muhorro
6Muhorro T/CButumba wardSt. Margret SS
7MpeefuMpeefu Seed SS
8BwikaraBwikara SS