Citizenship and Ethnicity

In 2002, more than 99 percent of the population is Kagadi were Ugandans. The majority of the people in Kagadi were Banyoro (48.1 percent) followed by Bakiga (31.4 percent), Bafumbira (8 percent), and Bakonzo (2.9 percent) Banyankole (2.3 percent), Batoro 2.1 Percent and other Ugandans accounting for 5.2 percent. Detailed analysis of the 2014 Population census results is not yet done by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

Sex and Age Composition

In 2014 census, Kagadi Sex ratio was 96.5 Females per 100 Males higher than the national figure which was 95.3 males per 100 females. In 2002, the proportion of children (population below 18 years of age) was 59 percent. The Percentage of elderly was 3.2 percent. These data imply that there is a very high dependency ratio and dependency burden.