Our Vision 

To have a healthy and productive population that contributes to socio-economic growth and national development

Our Mission

 To provide the highest possible level of health services to all people in Kagadi through delivery of promotive, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative health services at all levels”

1Kajumba TheodoraADHO MCH
3Muganyizi GodfreyAssitant District Health Officer-Environmental Health
4Ngomiranze RichardBiostatistician
5Tumwebaze JustineHealth educator
6Owino EmmanuelCold chain technician
7Asiimwe JuliusAsst inventory mng’t officer
8Kunihira RoseOffice typist
9Kanyabufubira RisenDriver
10Nampijja ShakillahOffice attendant
11Mfitumukiza AbelDriver

This department promotessmass malaria treatment; universal access to family planning services; health infrastructure development; reducing maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality; scaling up HIV prevention and treatment.

Health infrastructure

H/C IV00000101
HC II1002113
Number of staff houses28632

Number of Health Units

Private pharmacies6
Drug shops150
Allied clinics0
Traditional healers180
Unlicensed clinics and drug shops100

Health Units in Kagadi by Category and Location

SnHealth Sub DistrictCountySub CountyParishHunitNameHUOwnerHU AuthorityHU LevelHU_Status
1BuyagaBuyaga EastKagadi Tc.KitegwaKagadiGovernmentGOUDistrict HospitalFunctional
2BuyagaBuyaga EastKiryangaKiryangaKiryangaGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
3BuyagaBuyaga EastKyanaisokeIsungaIsungaGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
4BuyagaBuyaga EastKyenzigeNyabuhikeMugalikeGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
5BuyagaBuyaga EastMabaaleKihuuraKyamasegaGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
6BuyagaBuyaga EastMabaaleKiranziMabaaleGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
7BuyagaBuyaga EastPaachwaKyakabandaKyabasaraGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
8BuyagaBuyaga WestBuroraBuroraBuroraGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
9BuyagaBuyaga WestBwikaraKisuuraBwikaraGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
10BuyagaBuyaga WestKyakabadiimaKyakabadiimaKyakabadiimaGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
11BuyagaBuyaga WestKyaterekeraKyaterekeraKyaterekeraGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
12BuyagaBuyaga WestMpeefuNyamukaraMpeefu BGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
13BuyagaBuyaga WestMpeefuRwabarangaMpeefu AGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
14BuyagaBuyaga WestMuhoroNyamitiMuhorroGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
15BuyagaBuyaga WestMuhorroGalibolekaGalibolekaGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
16BuyagaBuyaga WestNdaigaNdaigaNdaigaGovernmentGOUHC 11Functional
17BuyagaBuyaga WestRugashariRugashariRugashariGovernmentGOUHC 111Functional
18BuyagaBuyaga EastKagadi Tc.KitegwaSt Ambrose CharityNGOPNFPHC 1VFunctional
19BuyagaBuyaga EastKyanaisokeKahundeKahundeUCMBPNFPHC 11Functional
20BuyagaBuyaga EastKyenzigeNyabuhikeMugalike NgoUCMBPNFPHC 111Functional
21BuyagaBuyaga EastMabaaleKiranziKinyarugonjoUCMBPNFPHC 111Functional
22BuyagaBuyaga EastKiryangaKiryangaSt Norah Medical CentreNGOPNFPHC 111Functional
23BuyagaBuyaga WestBwikaraNyakarongoMuziizi Tea EstateNGOPNFPHC 11Functional
24BuyagaBuyaga WestMuhorroNyamitiMuhorro NgoUCMBPNFPHC 111Functional
25BuyagaBuyaga WestMuhorroNyankomaSt. Micheal NyankomaUCMBPNFPHC 111Fuctional

Summary of services offered in health facilities in the District

Service offeredHospitalHC 1VsHC 111sHC 11sRemarks
Outpatient diagnosis and treatment (OPD)xXxx 
Treatment of mental health conditionsxX   
Functional Laboratory for TB diagnosisxXx Some HC 111
Functional Laboratory for Malaria diagnosisxXx Some HC111 do not have laboratories and use RDTs and also some  HC 11 use RDTs
Treatment of severe MalariaxX   
TB TreatmentxX   
Care for InjuriesxXxx 
Dental /oral carexX   
STI treatmentxXxx 
Anti retroviral therapyxXx HC 111 offer option B plus
School healthxXx  
Environmental Health and SanitationxXx  
Childhood ImmunizationsxXx  
Growth monitoringxXx  
HCT: HIV counselingxXx  
Prevention of STI/HIVxXxx 
Epidemics and disaster preventionxXxx 
Tetanus Immunization in pregnancyxXx  
Adolescent CounselingxXx  
Leprosy          xXx  
neonatal tetanusxXxx 
weekly epidemiological surveillancexXxx 
Injuries           xXxx 
Health Education And PromotionxXxx 
Maternity services and feedingxXx  
Antenatal carexXx  
Intermittent presumptive treatmentxXx  
13 Steps to successful InfantxX   
Family Planning ServicesxXxx 
Inpatient servicesxXx  
Care for people with disabilitiesx    
Health units that conduct outreachesxXxx 

Beds in Health Facilities in KAGADI

Table 15:  Number of beds in health facilities that offer in-patient services in Kagadi District.

Health unit NameNumber of Beds
Kagadi Hospital100
Kahunde (NGO) – PNFP13
Alustin (NGO) PNFP20
Kinyarugonjo (NGO) – PNFP26
Kyabasaija HC 1115
Muhorro (NGO) PNFP30
St Ambrose HC 1V (NGO) – PNFP65
St Mary life Care clinic20
Mugarama HC 1115