The Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job creation (Emyooga) was launched in August 2019 as part of the broad government strategy targeting to transform 68% of homesteads from subsistence to market-oriented production with the overall objective of promoting job creation and improving household incomes. The initiative is centered on various 18 categories/enterprises/Emyooga covering majority of the hitherto, financially excluded Ugandans engaged in similar specialized enterprise categories.

These are facilitated with both technical and financial support to enhance the performance of their projects, and ultimately their incomes.

The Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation has two major components, namely:

  1.    Establishment of zonal artisan/Jua Kali parks – implemented by Office of the President
  2.   Setting up specialized funds (Emyooga) – implemented by Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (Microfinance Support Centre Ltd)

The ultimate objective of the Emyooga programme is to facilitate the socio-economic transformation of households from subsistence to the money economy and market-oriented production.

Other objectives include:

  • To increase employment opportunities
  • To improve the household incomes of the target beneficiaries
  • To enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of the beneficiaries through sensitization, skilling, and tooling

Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation is new Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation that is centered on various enterprises / categories / “Emyooga” covering a majority of Ugandans. The Initiative is also part of the broader NRM principle of socio-economic transformation in which Government has committed itself to convert 68% of our Country’s homesteads currently in subsistence to market
oriented production.

In Kagadi District, mobilization of groups was done at the village level, associations formed at the parish level and later the SACCOs were formed at the constituency level. A total of 936 associations were formed, however only 796 associations are the only ones active. The rest dropped out after failing to comply with the guidelines.

Kagadi District has 2 constituencies that include Buyaga East and Buyaga West. The formation of associations were formed and later put under respective constituencies.

Buyaga East had 437 associations while Buyaga West had 338 associations making a total of 936 associations in the District.

These associations were passed through verification and validation that made them form their affiliated SACCOs.

The associations were trained at the parish level on the savings mode, buying of shares, access to loans, subscriptions and memberships, filling of association forms, SACCO guidelines, policies, sustainability of the associations, record keeping, mindset change etc.

The associations in their respective categories formed SACCOs in the different constituencies. Each constituency formed 18 SACCOs making 36 SACCOs in the District.

The 36 SACCOs of the District were organized under their leadership, trained on the SACCO principles, guidelines and policies to ensure sustainability and self-management of these SACCOs.

Monitoring and supervision has been going on as a way of increasing capacity building in the SACCO and the association leaders. This has helped the associations to have access to information and feedback both from the District technical team and the MSC.

Below is the status for disbursements


SnName of the saccoAmount
1Buyaga east produce dealers emyooga saccoSavings: 7,136,990 Shares: 3,900,000 Disbursements: 35,684,400 Recoveries: 24,539,350
2Buyaga east tailors emyooga saccoSavings:4,550,000 Shares: 280,000 Disbursements: 36,000,000 Recoveries: 9,257,450
3Buyaga east restaurant owners emyooga saccoSavings: 8,920,000 Shares: 350,000 Disbursements: 52,592,500 Recoveries: 21,965,858
4Buyaga east fishermens emyooga saccoSavings: 4,800,000 Shares: 300,000 Disbursements:24,000,000 Recoveries: 1,810,000
5Buyaga east Boda Boda emyooga  saccoSavings: 3,960,000 Shares:   850,000 Disbursements: 32,356,950 Recoveries: 8,706,000
6Buyaga east journalists emyooga saccoSavings: 4,600,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 23,000,000 Recoveries: 1,795,000
7Buyaga east youth leaders emyooga saccoSavings: 3,510,000 Shares: 850,000 Disbursements: 27,550,000 Recoveries: 4,745,400
8Buyaga east welders emyooga saccoSavings: 4,360,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 21,200,000 Recoveries: 9,176,800
9Buyaga east veterans emyooga  saccoSavings: 4,700,000 Shares: 600,000 Disbursements: 23,500,000 Recoveries: 3,300,000
10Buyaga east Taxi Operators emyooga saccoSavings: Shares: Disbursements: 36,000,000 Recoveries:
11Buyaga east local leaders emyooga saccoSavings: 12,976,000 Shares: 500,000 Disbursements:  55,880,000 Recoveries: 20,621,000
12Buyaga east PWDs emyooga saccoSavings: 4,000,000 Shares: Disbursements: 20,000,000 Recoveries: 10,560,000
13Buyaga east mechanics emyooga saccoSavings: 3,600,000 Shares: 350,000 Disbursements: 18,000,000 Recoveries: 12,766,000
14Buyaga east women entrepreneurs emyooga saccoSavings: 9,380,000 Shares: 600,000 Disbursements: 62,950,000 Recoveries: 33,823,700
15Buyaga east saloon operators emyooga saccoSavings: 5,640,000 Shares: 400,000 Disbursements: 50,200,000 Recoveries: 23,376,475
16Buyaga east carpenters emyooga saccoSavings: 6,150,000 Shares: 250,000 Disbursements: 25,950,000 Recoveries: 6,364,900
17Buyaga east market vendors emyooga  saccoSavings: 8,020,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 37,700,000 Recoveries: 17,273,431
18Buyaga east performing artists emyooga saccoSavings: 3,080,000 Shares: Disbursements: 14,300,000 Recoveries: 1,052,000

Total Disbursements: 596,863,850

Total recoveries: 221,946,314

Total savings: 101,247,990

Total shares: 9,530,000


SnSacco nameStatus
1Buyaga west youth leaders emyooga saccoSavings: 3,490,000 Shares: 650,000 Disbursements: 20,400,000 Recoveries: 8,367,127
2Buyaga west taxi operators emyooga saccoSavings: 3,750,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 18,750,000 Recoveries: 4,712,500
3Buyaga west performing artists emyooga saccoSavings: 2,510,000 Shares: 150,000 Disbursements: 30,550,000 Recoveries: 3,457,000
4Buyaga west produce dealers emyooga saccoSavings: 5,000,000 Shares: 2,100,000 Disbursements: 40,500,000 Recoveries: 15,966,800
5Buyaga west fishermen emyooga saccoSavings: 5,700,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 28,500,000 Recoveries: 6,191,800
6Buyaga west Boda Boda emyooga saccoSavings: 2,500,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 27,500,000 Recoveries: 4,765,400
7Buyaga west restaurant owners saccoSavings: 6,650,000 Shares: 300,000 Disbursements: 34,300,000 Recoveries: 13,755,800
8Buyaga west women entrepreneurs emyooga saccoSavings: 5,560,000 Shares: 500,000 Disbursements: 44,100,000 Recoveries: 21,726,900
9Buyaga west tailors emyooga saccoSavings: 6,200,000 Shares: 350,000 Disbursements: 35,400,000 Recoveries: 6,876,100
10Buyaga west welders emyooga saccoSavings: 5,600,000 Shares: 350,000 Disbursements: 28,000,000 Recoveries: 5,688,800
11Buyaga west saloon operators emyooga saccoSavings: 3,890,000 Shares: 450,000 Disbursements: 44,800,000 Recoveries:28,406,462
12Buyaga west carpenters  emyooga saccoSavings: 6,440,00 Shares: 500,000 Disbursements: 32,200,000 Recoveries: 9,640,000
13Buyaga west local leaders emyooga saccoSavings: 12,100,000 Shares: Disbursements: 60,500,000 Recoveries: 17,147,200
14Buyaga west people with disabilities emyooga saccoSavings:6,700,000 Shares: 750,000 Disbursements: 36,538,200 Recoveries:
15Buyaga west mechanics emyooga saccoSavings: 2,650,000 Shares: Disbursements: 17,080,000 Recoveries: 8,432,400
16Buyaga west journalists emyooga saccoSavings: 4,300,000 Shares: 00 Disbursements: 21,500,000 Recoveries: 3,554,000
17Buyaga west veterans emyooga saccoSavings: 3,920,000 Shares: 250,000 Disbursements: 21,952,000 Recoveries: 8,910,400
18Buyaga west market vendors emyooga saccoSavings: 7,464,000 Shares: 650,000 Disbursements: 38,300,000 Recoveries: 18,746,000

Total disbursements: 580,970,200

Total recoveries: 199,269,939

Total savings: 94,424,000

Total shares: 7,000,000

Below is the table showing the best performing SACCOs

1Buyaga West Produce Dealers Emyooga SACCOBuyaga West40,500,000
2Buyaga West Women Entrepreneurs Emyooga SACCOBuyaga West44,100,000
3Buyaga West Saloon Operators Emyooga SACCOBuyaga West44,800,000
4Buyaga West Market Vendors Emyooga SACCOBuyaga West38,300,000
5Buyaga East Restaurant Owners Emyooga SACCOBuyaga East52,592,500
6Buyaga east Women Entrepreneurs Emyooga SACCOBuyaga East62,950,000
7Buyaga East Saloon Operators Emyooga SACCOBuyaga East50,200,000
8Buyaga East Tailors Emyooga SACCOBuyaga East36,000,000