“Mobilize residents to acquire land titles” Minister Mugasa tasks Kagadi leaders

The state minister for Public service Mary Grace Mugasa Akiiki has tasked leaders in Kagadi to mobilize residents to acquire land title to avoid illegal land eviction from absentee land lords.

Mugasa made the revelation while meeting stakeholders in the district council hall during monitoring the progress of service delivery in the key sectors of Health, Roads, lands, education and Parish Development Modal implementation in the district.

She warned Area land committee and chairperson LCIs against conniving with land grabbers to effect illegal land evictions and urged residents to utilize “Kyapa Loan” a fund allocated by the government aimed at helping residents acquire land titles. 

During the meeting with the minister, the technical team implementing the government program aimed at alleviating Ugandans out of poverty assured the minister that the funds will be disbursed to all eligible groups in the course of this month.

The minister urged residents to embrace the PDM program to get out of poverty.

Mugasa says the government first delivered 25M shs to every parish piloting and assessing the efficiency of the program and that now the government will disburse 100Mshs to every parish to push Ugandans into the money economy.

The Hon Minister tasked the district focal person to start rolling out the program to the groups and SACCOs who have hit the guidelines.

The Kagadi district Commercial Officer Peter Kusemererwa explains that the district has 1955 enterprise groups with 151 SACCOs and 35,701 members and the district has so far received 365,000,000shs.

Kusemerwa says the leaders of the groups have been trained and will soon access funds on their accounts.

The LCV Chairperson Kagadi Ndibwami B Yosia stressed the need to orient political leaders on PDM program for more publicity since they deals directly with the targeted beneficiaries.

He has decried the lack of enough teachers in government schools and asked the government to provide enough wage in order to reduce on the staffing gaps in government schools.

The Chief administrative Officer Kagadi Epodoi Pauline said the district need more wage for recruitment to fill vacant key positions in