World Bank, Ministry of water and environment, NFA, UWA officials meet stakeholders over the implementation of (IFPA-CD) Project in Kagadi District.

Officials from the Ministry of Water and Environment (Lead Agency), Uganda Wildlife Authority and National Forest Authority and World Bank as key funder made courtesy visit on follow-up on the progress on the  implementation of  Investing in Forests and protected areas for Climate Smart Development (IFPA-CD) Project in Kagadi District.

A stakeholder’s engagement comprising of District technical and political leaders, representatives from Kitara Civil society organization (KCSON), World wide fund for Nature, NFA as key partners implementing Environmental restoration programs in the District was held in the council Hall at Kagadi District Headquarter.

The project aims at promoting sustainable management of forests and protected areas for increased benefits to communities from forests in the Albertine Rift for eradication of increased vulnerability of economic productivity, biodiversity and livelihoods to climate change effects due to declining forestry ecosystems goods and services.

Bob Kazungu, officer in charge of forestry assessment from the ministry of water and environment says the project is aimed at sensitizing community to engage in agro forestry as an alternative source of fuel to save forests.

Kazungu says through the support of the World Bank, corroborative forest management groups will be formed in areas adjacent to forests so as to enhance tourism.

Nicolas Kamukama the Resident district commissioner Kagadi has challenged World Bank together with the National forestry authority to set strong laws that restrict people from encroaching on the Forests

Vanis Mirembe, from wild wildlife authority urges the community to adhere with a campaign of restoring the forests so as to bring back the habitat of Dangerous wild animals like the Chimpanzee which normally terrorize people.

She says the restoration of forest cover will enable the Chimpanzees to live in one place which will even bring about tourism.