Kagadi district council approves supplementary budget worth 7 billion for FY 2023-2024.


Kagadi District council has approved supplementary budget for production, Education Statutory bodies, water and administration departments worth 7,053,326,742 (Seven billion Fifty-three million, three hundred sixty-seven hundred forty-two).

The motion was tabled by the District Chairperson Ndibwami B Yosia during an extra ordinary council setting held at Kagadi community Hall at the District Headquarters.

According to the budget presented  1,502,097,947/= were funds meant for production department  and that 40,572,330/= was non-wage under production, 63,993,178/= was funds meant for capital development, 319,987,127/= was non-wage extension grant, 15,000,000/= was money for ACDP, 107,923,846/=  was extension capital development, 204,633,986/= was complementary services for micro irrigation , 613,901,960/= was capital development under micro scale irrigation, and 151,085,520/= was funds meant to support PDM

He further informed member that water sector had received 71,310,138/= supplementary budget to drill production well in Mpeefu Ya Sande at 30,810,138/= and protection of 9 spring wells at a cost of Shs 4,500,000 each in areas of Nyamiyaga,Kyomukama,Kyaterekera A,Diida,Kisungu,Mutunda B,Kyabitundu,Butumba B and Kyankorogoto.

The Education department had received 3,583,855,021/= supplementary budget where 2,161,075,668/= was secondary education wage, 80,371,000/= was for secondary education non-wage (capitation grant), 1,316,472,909/= were funds revolted to construct King Solomon and Kitegwa secondary schools, while 25,938,444 /= were funds meant for school inspection and monitoring, he therefore asked members to approve the above supplementary budgets for better service delivery in the district.

Under Administration a total of 1,399,463,634/= meant for the honoraria and ex-gratia of the district councillors , Sub county councillors and ex- gratia for LCI and LCII chairpersons and  pension and gratuity .

After scrutiny Hon Magezi Jamada moved a motion for council to approve the supplementary budget with amendments a motion which was seconded by Hon Gahima Gard and Hon Olive Irumba and the supplementary budget was approved