Kagadi District Head teachers trained on EMIS

The head teachers for schools in Kagadi District have been trained on how to use the Education Management Information System (EMIS). The training took place on 9th September 2022 at Kagadi Model Primary School in Kagadi Town, Western Uganda.

In his opening remarks, Omukwenda Alinda (Also known as Alinda Julius) brought to the attention of headteachers that the EMIS portal provides timely statistics and information for policy development, planning, budgeting, and evidence-based management practices in Uganda’s Education and Sports sector.

The activity of learners registration which was thought to be a simple one has turned to be a tough one. Concerns have been raised from a number of head teachers from both government and private schools on this subject and it has been realized that it needed concerted efforts. Therefore this activity would be required to be managed centrally for deliberate enforcement technically and administratively.

Says Alinda
Omukwenda Alinda (standing in a white tunic ), the senior Inspector of Schools during the training

Omukwenda Alinda advised teachers to be keen when capturing pupils’ data, especially the names. He requested the head teachers capture the data as it is written by the parent especially when it comes to pupils’ names.

A parent is in a better position to tell you the name of his/her child. Don’t add your own names. There are some teachers who find it easy to register pupils with different names without the consent of the parent.  This should stop.

He added

Mr. Mwinganiza Godfrey, the technical facilitator advised trainees to be alert when capturing parents/guardians’ National Identification Number (NIN). He added that a pupil with a wrong parent/guardian NIN will be rejected by the system. He trained participants on Creating EMIS User Account for Institutions, Logging in to EMIS Portal, Uploading School particulars, and uploading Learner Data using single learner and bulk upload methods.

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