Kagadi District council approve budget Estimates and work plan worth 44 billion Financial year 2023/2024


Kagadi District council last evening passed and approved total estimated revenue for FY 2023/24 worth 44,643,298,000 (Forty-four billion, six hundred forty-three million two hundred ninety-eight thousand) as opposed to 41,563,854,000 (Forty-one billion, five hundred sixty-three million eight hundred fifty-four thousand) that was laid before this council in march 2023.

Addition funds equivalent to 3,079,444,000 (Three billion seventy-nine million four hundred forty-four thousand) was allocated to Kagadi for DDEG, pension and gratuity and had not been incorporated to cater for salary enhancements for departments like Education, Health and production increasing our draft budget to 44,643,298,000 (Forty-four billion, six hundred forty-three million two hundred ninety-eight thousand).

The Budget estimates and workplan, mandatory documents were approved by council last evening at Community hall in Kagadi town council.

The budget estimates approved has registered an increment of 0.4% compared to FY2022/23 approved budget estimates.

The motion was tabled before council by the Secretary for Finance, Planning, Administration and Investment Betonda Ramuel Amooti. He said conditional Government transfers 32,025,201,000, Discretionary Government transfers 8,112,477,000, other government transfers 1,022,615,000, local revenue 879,200,000, and Donar funding 2,585, 804, 000

According to the budget allocations the Education department lions share with 19,273,696,000 (43%) Health 12,063,280,000 (27%) Administration 4,511,743,000 (10%) Production and Marketing 2, 414,667,000 (6%) Roads and Engineering 1,954,615,000(4%) Statutory bodies 1,543,794,000 (4%) water 1,027,816,000 (2%) Community Based services 860,724,000 (2%) Finance 423,550,000 (1%) Planning 204,375,000 (0.6%) Internal Audit 64,000,000 (0.2%), Trade, Industry and Local Development 61,245,000 (0.1%)

In an interview after the approval of the budget estimates and workplan doe FY 2023/2024 Hon councilors assured the public that there has been equity allocation of resources since the budgeting process started with consultations at parish level.

During the council meeting other mandatory documents including Capacity Building Plan, Recruitment Plan, Revenue Enhancement Plan, Annual Work Plan, Procurement Plan, Operations and Maintenance Plan, Disaster Preparedness Plan