Rok services completes a Draft design for Ndaiga water supply


Rok Services a company contracted to carry out design for the construction of Ndaiga water supply at a cost 40 million shillings has this afternoon presented a draft design for the project as the district embarks on securing funds for the construction of the water project

The meeting which was attended by Key district stakeholders and Ndaiga sub county leadership was held at the District headquarter in the board room.

Ndaiga water supply system which is estimated to cost 1.5 billion shillings will targets villages of Kabukanga, Koswa, Lwebigongoro, Nyamasoga, Zongarwa, Kitebere,Kiyaja, Mukura, Lutoma, Kinyondo and Kachaga.

The draft design will be presented to the Ministry of Water and Environment before for approval for Final design.

The average water coverage for Ndaiga stands at 4% and one of the sub counties that has for the last years grappling with water borne diseases.

During the meeting participants tasked the contractor to make few adjustments in the design including the construction of 3 Water borne toilets per village, land acquisition where installations are to be made, reconsidering provision of break pressure reservoir tanks to avoid bursting of pipes due to high pressure.  

Speaking to the LCIII Chairperson Oscar Chunyai and the Female District councilor Night Alice Ndaiga Subcounty shortly after the meeting, say the water project will improve sanitation and Hygiene in the area.

Phillip Kakuro Director Rok Technical services urged leaders to sensitize communities to desist from vandalizing project materials which increases the cost of maintenance when the projects kick off.

The District Chairperson Kagadi Ndibwami B Yosia says Ndaiga has received few government projects being implemented in Ndaiga Subcounty as a result of the bad terrain which doubles the cost of project implementation.

He assured residents of Ndaiga that affirmative action will be given to the area come to next Financial year 2023/2024